Welcome to this membership!  

As an additional benefit for Joining the List Infinity Program, I have put together this shared space for those of you having joined through my invitation.

While I certainly don't profess to have all of the answers to financial success, I have been studying, learning and doing this for about 20+ years and have accumulated a bit of information that I would not only like to share with you but to allow you countless hours of research on your own.

Our time on this earth is certainly short enough and why not make it a little more enjoyable while we are here.

I welcome any comments, suggestions or ways to improve what I am sharing with you.

Since the List Infinity Program is a "lifetime" or one-time membership at all levels, so is my members-only site here.

At the moment it is open to all levels that you may have joined List Infinity at in hopes that even if you joined at the Beginner Level, some of the tips, tools and helpful information you find here might persuade you to upgrade to a higher level.

With that said, enjoy and please do contact me via email at [email protected] or via text at +1.401.204.4599 for any assistance.

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